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Globec (UK) is the authorized Technical Agent and Stocking Distributor of specialized electronic components from manufacturers around the Globe. Key product groups includes EMI/RFI Protection, RF Products, Frequency Control, Hybrid Microcircuits and Electro-mechanical Components.
As a prime link in the supply chain with more than 28 years of Knowledge, Quality and Value our vision is to deliver high quality competitive products that do not come back to customers who do!
To establish and maintain a friendly customer interface
To provide quality products
To maintain on-time delivery of products
To supply competitively priced products
To ensure continued customer satisfaction
Is your supply chain missing a Globec?


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Globec Value Statement

Phone +44 (0)1793 780790

Unit 15 Shrivenham Hundred Business Park
Majors Road, Watchfield
Oxfordshire. SN6 8TZ

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ManufacturersCTS Electronic Components, Deltron, Getelec, Hybtronics Microsystems, Maruwa, Nextek, Stellar Industries, T & E Industries, Thunderline-Z, Tusonix / CTS
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