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ATC Semitec is the UK’s leading distributor of thermal components working with some of the major suppliers in the NTC thermistor, thermal fuse and thermostat industry.

With 20 years’ experience in the thermal controls industry and ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, you can feel confident that you are working with a quality supplier of thermal components. Our team of engineering professionals will work with you to help design in the most suitable temperature sensor or safety component for your industrial product or domestic appliance application.

We also work with you to create bespoke customer solutions if required from variable lead lengths, special fittings, connections or unique sensor tips.

ATC Semitec offers you leading edge thermal solutions from some of the leading manufacturers in the industry; Semitec, PEPI, Asahi, TKS Thinking, Matsuo, SCHOTT SEFUSE, Fuzetec, Campini and EAW. These manufacturers have built their reputation on providing innovative, quality products backed up by our superior customer service.

Together we are a formidable team. Quality products, comprehensive technical assistance, extensive stock-holding and competitive pricing all adds up to the best solution for your company’s needs.

ATC Semitec NTC thermistors and thermistor sensors provide high accuracy temperature sensing and control for electronic and programmable thermostats. PEPI thermal cut-outs and Asahi thermostats offer cost-effective temperature control or over-temperature protection whereas Matsuo’s long-life precision thermostats bridge the gap between electronic temperature controllers and simple mechanical thermostats.

SCHOTT Sefuse thermal fuses, Thinking PTC Thermistors and Semifuse PTC fuses provide reliable circuit protection. Constant current is supplied via Semitec CRD current limiting diodes and current surges controlled by SCK inrush current limiters. Voltage spikes and surges are suppressed by TVR series varistors and GDT series gas discharge tubes. Campini adjustable thermostats provide accurate room temperature control and Thinking humidity sensors can help provide a comfortable environment.

Call our expert technical team today on 01606 871680 to discuss your thermal management requirements.

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