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CDS is a leading designer, distributor and value added reseller of flat panel display solutions. Our expertise and years of experience allow us to offer the best solutions to our clients and partners.

We are also able to offer more specialist solutions such as Industrial TFTs, Industrial TFT monitors, open frame monitors, small format TFTs, small format LCD TFTs, Touchscreens, Letterbox Displays, Stretched bar type TFT monitors, open frame monitors, Transparent LCDs, Sunlight Readable Displays and Optical Bonding, Panel PCs, Industrial PCs.

If in need of embedded solutions we have a wide range of embedded Single Board Computers, Panel PCs and ARM based SBCs and HMI solutions.

A large part of our business is our value added services, such as touchscreen overlays, panel PCs, and embedded systems.

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Phone +44 (0) 1634 327420

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High End Signage with the SWAN Board

The high-end signage application interface board, the Swan, is an advanced TFT-LCD monitor control board. With RGB, DisplayPort, DVI and HDMI inputs. It is suitable for video resolutions up to WQXGA @ 60Hz. In all video modes the full display…


Not Bright Enough for You? We can Enhance

If our incredible ultra wide stretched and high bright displays aren't bright enough for you don't panic :) Found the perfect size and resolution but the high bright display just doesn't cut it? We can resolve the problem as we can…


CDS Adds Tianma NLT TFTs to its Product Range

CDS can supply you with the Tianma NLT (formerly known as NEC) TFT panels at very good prices and availability allowing us to add value to our customers’ operations as they find these panels overpriced or protected which can artificially…


Industrial 24 Inch High Bright Monitor

Take a closer look at our incredible 24" high bright monitor. An impressive chassis monitor with RGB, DVI and HDMI input. The base panel of the display is the AUO M240HTN01.2. The display has a resolution of 1920 x 1080…


CDS Increases Range of E-Paper Displays for Transportation Information and Digital Signage

CDS is offering one of the most environmentally friendly Display technologies that can be used in many applications including retail and transport, such as bus stops, rail information boards etc. Why E-Paper in Transportation signage? E-paper displays for bus digital signage give…


What to Look Out for When Selecting the Perfect Android Tablet for your Kiosk Project

Tablets are cost effective and successful for kiosk projects but there are many factors to consider when choosing the tablet for your project. The Android operating system for devices is a system that is designed especially for the fast pace consumer…


Ultra Long Ultra Wide Stretched Displays

Check out this unusual 36.8-inch colour TFT-LCD display with special aspect ratio 16:3 and wide resolution 1920 x 358. It is designed with high brightness 1000 nits with power efficiency LED backlight. It consists of a high quality LCD panel…


Capacitive Touch (PCAP) TFT Displays with Ruggedised Cover Lenses for Strength and Reliability

CDS has recommended the use of thick cover lenses to add extra protection to capacitive touch TFT displays that are being used in harsh environments. These cover lenses can be supplied in thicknesses ranging between 1.1mm through to 11mm and…


CDS Fully Supporting Interactive Kiosk Solutions

CDS have the essentials ready to supply kiosk manufacturers! With such a wide range of open frame and touch monitor displays we have the goods to help you create the most impressive kiosks in the market! Whilst constantly adding to our…


21.3 inch HCS & amp; HiBrite LCD

Check out the spec for the CDS2133-PNW - a 21.3 inch industrial grade sunlight readable (600 nits) and HCS (High Color Saturation) LCD. It has the capabilities to produce sharp images, crisp text and lifelike colours. A highly reliable UXGA TFT…

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