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Available from MMS Electronics is the new Smartec temperature sensor SMT172.The SMT172 is a 3 pin, digital ultra-low power, fully calibrated, high accuracy temperature sensor with pulse width modulated (PWM) output signal.The PWM duty
In a Tight Fit? Fit The JTSemitec’s JT thermistor at only 0.5mm at its sensing tip makes it amongst the thinnest available world-wide, and therefore intrinsically suitable for many medical applications including surface skin sensing,
EA uniTFT050 Display with object programmingMMS Electronics has now available the EA uniTFT050 intelligent display. This new display was introduced at Electronica 2016. The display uses object programming. Objects can be placed, moved,
MMS Electronic has available a 5.7” and a 7.0” Intelligent TFT graphic display EA eDIPTFT57-ATP 640x480 pixel and eDIPTFT70-ATP 800x480 pixel LED backlit display with built-in intelligence and user-friendly features. The displays are
Sometimes overlooked & often misunderstood the process of device programming is certainly a niche business. From a buyer’s perspective it can be seen as a complication or bottleneck in the supply chain but many of Lewmax’s clients use